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Product Batu Apung | Pumice Stone - Indonesia
Size Company* (see explanation below)

Company: Product Batu Apung | Pumice Stone
Category: Agriculture
Description: Lombok is as a producer of Pumice Stone/Batu Apung. At a few year ago as a one of mainstay export product, this Pumice stone/Batu Apung made a good income to Lombok city. Posted by Indonetwork.info
Group: Export-Import
Product Name: Batu Apung | Pumice Stone origin Lombok Island
Address: Jalan Subak I/9 Cakranegara. 83231 Mataram. Lombok
City, State: Mataram, Nusa Tenggara Barat
Zip: 83231
Country: Indonesia
Phone: +62 370 634275
Fax: +62 370 631638
Contact person: Mrs. Ketut Tirtawati
Email: Contact this company
Site/Misc.: www.geocities.com/ketut_tirtawati/batuapung/batuapung.htm
Continent: Asia/Oceania
CID: 25694

* Small: Turnover < 1 million USD/yr
* Medium: Turnover 1 million to 10 millions USD/yr
* Large: Turnover 10 millions and up USD/yr
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