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Agriculture and Allied Industries
Category: Agriculture and Allied Industries

Company: Nias Trading
Name: Liswar Hia
Address: H. Mahdi No 30 Jatiwaringin
  Pondok Gede
City: Bekasi 17411
Zip: 17411
State: Jakarta
Country: Indonesia
Tel: +6281218813203
Fax: +6281384712249
We are a sawdust charcoal briquette exporter from Indonesia Our Charcoal
Specification: Pure 100% made of sawdust no additional material
added. Hexagonal shape Flame duration 5-7 hours before turning to a complete
ashes. Pollution free, better heat, Instant light up and minimal
residue. Smokeless and odorless, no sparks Stable & reliable (stay lit in
wind) Burn slowly and consistent. SIZE: Grade A 15-38 Cm Grade B
6-15 Cm Grade C 3-6 Cm Briquette wood log 38-40 Cm Moisture 0,96
% Ash Content 2,97 % Fix Carbon 92 % Volatile Matter 3,08
% Burn Capacity 7970 cal / kg 87 Celsius Raw Briquette Weight 1
Kg Grade A Briquette weight 6-8 Ounce Diameter 3.8 Cm to 4.0 Cm Inside
hole diameter 1.8 Cm to 2.0 Cm Carbonization process 6-9 days at 300
C Packing 8 Kg, 10kg, 18kg (on request) Packing PP bag inside ++ double
wall carton box, with Strapping Delivery time 1 month / 30 -45 days HS No
440200 (HS Code) We have perfected and improved our production to bring our
highest quality of charcoal. Our briquette charcoal is environmental friendly,
converting by product from the saw mills, which otherwise would be disposed off
as waste by the millers, into a useful energy source Type of wood that we
used: Bangkirai , Mahogany, Merbau, Meranti, Binuang , Durian and Kempas
(Koompassia Malaccensis). With our production technique, we eliminate
volatile matter to the minimum leaving a high fixed carbon content in our
charcoal and provide high heat combustion capacities Our products can be used
for barbeque, grilling (outdoor & indoor), solid fuel for heating in houses, and
also used for plants PRODUCTION PROCESS Only fine sawdust is utilized for
our charcoal process as they provide the ultimate in quality charcoal. They
compact easily by screw extrusion as the high pressure exerted onto them causes
them to bind naturally within themselves without the need for any binding and
adhesive chemical. Heat drying the sawdust prior to the extrusion process
ought to be done to get rid of moisture. During the extrusion process, the
extruded sawdust is known as raw sawdust blocks and they were automatically
measured and cut to desired length Carbonization of raw sawdust block takes a
period of Max 9 days at more than 300 C, in which the block are burnt in a
controlled environment and manner. Minimal oxygen is present, and during burning
period all sawdust block will be burnt until they are red hot as this serves as
a process to get rid of foreign matters like oil and combustible materials and
be left with only carbon, which is essentially black charcoal. If you wish to
take advantage of our special services, please contact us with your detailed
requirements, looking forward hearing from you soon Regards Dwi Hia Jl. H.
Mahdi Pondok Gede Bekasi Indonesia Ph: 62812 1881 3203 or 62813 8471
2249 Mail: dwiliswar@yahoo.com, dwisukandi@hotmail.com YM ID:
liswarnias76 Skype ID: liswarhia76